Today the market have lot of offers for investing and gaining money via cryptocurrency. But not all of them are good to invest. Litecoin Cash system will help you to assure your gaining in a secured and a comfortable way. You just have to buy our token with a cheap price at the ICO or on the other platforms(when available),Our system dependes on ethereum system wich is runned independent by users,by it you can buy and transfer Litecoin Cash.

WHY Litecoin Cash?

Litecoin Cash is a ethereum token that will make your life easy because of its ease of transmission and exchange.LTCH token guarantees you the speed in trading, It provides you with the maximum security in the exchange and storage than any other token. All of this is intended to make all your rolling trades easy, fast and ensuring you the greatest amount of profit in comeback



You can send money anywhere at any time in seconds with only a Smartphone or a computer and internet connection.



Ethereum blockchain is capable of handling higher transaction volume. Due to more frequent block generation.



Litecoin Cash has no central control. The storage server is decentralized and divided into various servers run by each user.



Peer-to-peer payment that allows people to transfer coins with no central authority or third party involved.



With Litecoin Cash you can send money globally with the lowest coast.



Worlds most robust blockchain technology,Protection of privacy, highlly secured transaction.

Why We Have Chosen This Method.


1- Because in the Q2 of 2018 the world is may going to use this method of payment instead of the traditional methods (creditcards, banks)


2- The fees are cheaper than the fees of the credit cards


3- High security no fraud no scams


Our Team

Steven Mugwanja

CEO & Founder


Jefferson Mwatati

Marketing manager


Peter Gitau

Project Devloper


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